Hello Greenfield Families ,

The Greenfield Elementary Dads Club would like to thank everyone for all their support this year. 

On May 17th, the Dads Club is partnering with PTSO to celebrate Yearbook Signing and our Dads Club Annual Truck Night!  This event will feature emergency vehicles, work trucks, loud cars, and a few other fan favorites. 

We need some help to make this event the best one yet: 


1.Additional trucks/cars/machines/loud things to display.  Please contact us if you have a vehicle you want to show off. Don’t be shy!

2. Additional fundraiser raffle items.  If you’re a business owner or know anyone willing to donate, please contact us.  100% of any raffle proceeds go back to Greenfield Elementary School, with projects such as bike giveaways, equipment purchases, or school improvements.  Dads Club is a 501c3 non-profit.

3. Help at Truck Night- cooking, directing traffic, selling raffle tickets and more- please let us know if you’re willing to help by signing up here



The Greenfield Elementary Dads Club 



Thank you for Supporting our Gator kids!

If you have any tournament questions, please email Greenfielddadsclub@gmail.com